Ad Specs

GreenBiz Group offers a variety of online opportunities to reach our audiences. For a full media kit, please fill out our form.

Below are the specifications for our ad units.

Website Specs

  • Leaderboard          728 x 90
  • Medium Square     300 x 250
  • Featured Event      234 x 60
  • Tile                           120 x 60
  • Sponsored Link     120 characters. One click through URL

Newsletter Specs

Feature Position

Headline: 55 characters

Body: 300 characters

URL: 255 characters. One click through URL characters (maximum, includes spaces and punctuation)

  • Small Square        125 x 125 (GIF or JPEG only)
  • Tile                            120 x 60 (GIF or JPEG only)

Technical Specs

Need click-tag parameters defined; third-party ads must include full ad tag source code

  • Accepted formats            GIF, animated GIF, JPEG, Flash, HTML
  • Looping                          3x maximum
  • Frames                           4x maximum
  • Frames                           25K maximum
  • Click-thru URL                 255 character maximum

Please send creative to

Ad deadlines are 5 business days prior to the campaign's start date. We will return files not meeting specifications, and are not responsible for delays in posting ads while waiting for ads that meet our specifications.